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At Parliament Chiropractic we are devoted to making your experience with us not only beneficial, but truly enjoyable. Lives are changed here. People are healed, surgeries are canceled, mobility and function are restored, pain and discomfort are relieved.

We Are Different

We are not your common "back doctor". We are so much more than just spines. Dr. Matthew Parliament is a master of whole body chiropractic care. Patients come for a variety of reasons, from headaches to low back pain, from knee discomfort to an painful toe, from achy shoulders to a clicking jaw, from colic to ear infections. A list of common treatments are listed at the bottom of this page. You might be quite surprised by all that chiropractic can address.

Dr. Parliament uses a variety of techniques to make the treatment incredibly comfortable for the patient and to get results and fast relief. The main instrument that is used in the clinic is the PulStar. The PulStar is a state-of-the-art instrument that allows the treatment to be painless, yet incredibly effective. Please click on the PulStar page to read about this amazing tool.

Other treatment methods are used in the clinic too such as a drop table, an activator, and pressure point release. Each person is unique and responds differently to certain treatments. Therefore, each adjustment is tailored to what the patient responds best to and is most comfortable with.

Chiropractic should not be scary!   With advances in technology, chiropractic care has been modernized. The forceful and jarring techniques of earlier days are outdated and unnecessary.  With the PulStar, adjustments are painless and highly effective.  


1075 N Rodney St

Suite 104

Helena, MT 59601


406.442.4777 (office)

406.442.4007 (fax)

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