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The PulStar is a state-of-the-art instrument that uses frequency rather than force. There is no twisting, jolting, or popping so the treatment is painless. The PulStar consists of a padded piezoelectric sensor that is connected to a computer. The small sensor is gently applied (tapped) down your spine. The sensor detects if there is a locked vertebra and produces several graphs of the spine showing exactly which vertebrae are "fixated". A force specific to that vertebra is selected on the computer and the sensor is again applied to the problem location and taps very quickly (22 light impacts per second) until it detects that the vertebra is freed and moving properly again. The graphs are a tremendous tool to show both the doctor and patient exactly where the problem areas are and it provides immediate proof of the change.

The PulStar can be used on more than the neck and back. It is also used to work on TMJ, ribs, elbows, fingers, feet, toes and sinuses.

The PulStar provides an incredibly comfortable adjustment and is safe to use on newborns, the elderly, and pregnant patients.  In addition, because of it's gentleness, it can be used on many patients with fusions and other compromised spine conditions, such as bulging discs.

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